Has the cuteness of a jumping puppy started to fade as she’s doubled in size? Has your teenager forgotten everything she learned in Puppy Class? Have you recently adopted an adult dog who needs a little help? 

The world is an exciting place for our dogs, met with distractions at every turn. Even the best trained puppies struggle to remember the basics as they mature. Training isn’t static, it’s a lifelong journey that enriches the lives of our dogs’ and our own. Whether you’ve already spent hours upon hours training your dog or if this is your first attempt at it, we’re excited to get started!  

For dogs 1 Year & Older

How does it all work?

STEP 1 – Choose the Basic Manners & Obedience Program that fits your needs the best – Purchase a discounted package that includes follow up sessions, or start with a Stand Alone’ Initial Consultation only

STEP 2 – Schedule an Initial Consultation – because…we can’t wait to meet you and your ‘Pup’!

STEP 3 – Continue your journey to a Smart dog & happy family 🙂

In-Home Consultation – during our time together, we’ll discuss your dog’s overall history, training experiences, and what a normal week looks like.  We’ll get to know each other along the way – always at your dog’s pace. You’ll let us know what’s important at the moment and where you’d like to go with your training so that we are able to customize a training plan that will work for you.  We’ll get started on some of the basics that same day.  This one hour session also includes a written summary consisting of job aids, text & video resources from some of the best trainers in the country, as well as videos from our time together.


Basic Manners & Obedience Packages

Junior High

Initial Consultation + 3 Follow Up Sessions

Chose up to 3 of your own training topics

$395 (save 7%)

High School

Initial Consultation + 6 Follow Up Sessions

Chose up to 3 of your own training topics, build each behavior and begin to add in the 3 D’s (Distance, Duration, & Distractions)

$650 (save $100!)

Junior College

Initial Consultation + 9 Follow Up Sessions

Chose up to 3 of your own training topics, build each behavior, add in the 3 D’s (Distance, Duration, & Distractions), & proof the behaviors out in public

$900 (save $150!)

Single Follow Up Sessions (1 hour)


Have additional questions or need more info? Email us or schedule a free 15 minute phone consult via the floating ‘Contact Us’ button to the right.