Fear, anxiety, reactivity, and aggression each have strong emotional drivers that strongly influence a dog’s behavior. Living with the resulting stress has a significant impact on our dogs’ lives and ours as well – we can help.

Sharing your life with a dog should be one of life’s greatest joys. Taking long walks in the neighborhood together, inviting friends & family in to your home, hiking busy trails, playtime in the dog park, or simply leaving your dog at home alone seemed to all be foregone conclusions. Unfortunately, this is not the case for far too many of our loving companions.

You probably could not have imagined a world in which you would be unable to take your “best friend” out in public or to have to watch her suffer in any way.

Whether your dog is suffering from fear and anxiety related issues, displays aggression toward other dogs, strangers, or family members, or cannot be left alone, we’ll customize a behavior modification plan to relieve you both from the stress it is causing….a plan that helps you enjoy the life your had always planned on with your dog.

Behavior Modification

Step 1 – Schedule an In-Home Consultation

Step 2 – We’ll create a customized training plan that fits your dog’s needs and your lifestyle

Step 3 – Schedule follow up sessions as needed

Step 4 – Enjoy the life with your dog you always imagined!

In-Home Consultation – during our time together, we’ll discuss your dog’s history, training experiences, and what a normal week looks like. We’ll get to know each other along the way – always at your dog’s pace. We will not attempt to illicit the behaviors we are working to modify as helping your dog feel safe while staying under threshold is always the top priority. You’ll let us know what’s the most important at the moment and where you’d like to go with your training so that we are able to customize a training plan that will work for you.  This one hour session also includes a written summary consisting of job aids, text & video resources from some of the best trainers in the country, as well as videos from our time together.


Follow Up Sessions (1 Hour)


*Discounts available for multiple sessions scheduled at the same time

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