New Puppy? What do I do now? Puppies are adorable, playful, silly, & offer us unconditional love from the minute they enter our lives. But adding a puppy to the family is not without its challenges & we are here to help!

We quickly realize that our little ball of fluff wasn’t born knowing where to go to the bathroom, what items are ok to chew on, or that her teeth are as sharp as needles – ouch! They don’t appear to know to come when asked or that jumping up at our faces is generally not the preferred way to say hello. Sound familiar? We’re here to help!

For pups 8 weeks up to 1 Year

How does it all work?

STEP 1 – Choose the Puppy Start Right Program that fits your needs the best – Purchase a discounted package that includes follow up sessions, or start with a Stand Alone’ Initial Consultation only

STEP 2 – Schedule an Initial Consultation – because…we can’t wait to meet you and your Puppy!

STEP 3 – Begin your journey to a Smart puppy & happy family!

In-Home Consultation: This session serves as an overview of what to expect during the first year of a puppy’s life, as well as tips & tricks to help tackle the most common challenges you’ll experience along the way. We will discuss your training goals and discuss any challenges you are currently experiencing with your furry friend. This one hour session also includes a written summary consisting of job aids, text & video resources from some of the best trainers in the country, as well as videos from our time together. In addition to getting to know your puppy & answering all of your questions, we’ll get started on many of the puppy basics including:

  • House Training
  • Crate Training
  • Chew & puzzle training
  • Problem Solving Model – The A-B-C’s
  • “SMART” Puppy Socialization Tips
  • An intro to Positive Reinforcement training

Puppy Start Right Programs

We Train your Puppy with You

Think of this as a “Coaching” approach to training, much like learning an instrument*. We will meet in and around your home every 1-2 weeks…all the places you plan to spend time with your puppy. Training topics for each session will first be explained & demonstrated by the trainer so that everyone in the family can learn through observation first. We’ll then switch roles and you’ll be able to practice each skill with your puppy while being coached real time. We’ll utilize training games to ensure that the process is not only effective, but fun for both your puppy & humans alike! While all family members are encouraged to participate, video clips will be provided to help everyone stay on the same page while practicing with your puppy in between sessions – we recommend 15-20 minutes daily on average.

Training Topics included in the three programs bellow are “recommended” as they begin with foundation behaviors and then build upon each other, but each program is completely customizable to meet your individual needs!

*While a ‘Coaching’ approach works best for the overwhelming majority of our clients, ‘Day Training’ options are also available if it presents as the best option for your family during the Initial Consultation. These sessions take place with the trainer & puppy only, and are mixed with traditional coaching sessions to transfer skills to you!

Preschool: An intro to core training concepts

Initial Consultation + 3 Follow Up Sessions

Training Topics: Attention, Targeting, & Stationing

$395 (save 7%)

Kindergarten: Adding focus & impulse control

Initial Consultation + 6 Follow Up Sessions including all ‘Preschool’ Topics

Training Topics: Leave It, Take & Give\Drop, Wait & Stay

$650 (save 10%)

Elementary: Putting it all together

Initial Consultation + 9 working sessions including all ‘Preschool & Kindergarten’ Topics

Training Topics: Intros to Recall & loose leash walking, Polite Greetings (no jumping)

$900 (save 12%)

*Stand-Alone In-Home Consultation


Single 1 Hr Session (upon completion of an Initial Consultation and\or complete program)


Have additional questions or need more info? Email us or schedule a free 15 minute phone consult via the floating ‘Contact Us’ button to the right.