John has been working with our dog Willy( Belgian Melanois/ husky/ other shepherd mix) for more than a year now, initially it was just walks( John used to do some basic training then too) and now he does more training. Willy is a rescue dog that we got when he was a year old. He is super friendly with people, but has anxiety He is dog reactive and has high prey drive, is very strong ( 70 lbs) and can be quite difficult to handle when triggered. John has always handled him extremely well. He is very professional and can be trusted with your pet. He gives detailed reports on every day’s training. We started training Willy at Ahimsa( Seattle) and John also follows similar positive reinforcement methods( BAT) and modifies his training methods as needed. . He does not just train Willy but showers him with love and Willy can’t wait to jump into his jeep everytime John comes home.! We love working with John!