John has been amazing. We have 2 rescue dogs. One is an old hound mix with some fear issues. Last year we adopted another rescue puppy (a terrier mix with all of the terrier behaviors). My older dog had no tolerance for the puppy. My co worker recommended John due to his experience with traumatized dogs via volunteer work at a local rescue group. I called John and he came for an assessment. We let the dogs out together and he said the older dog is actually ok and giving appropriate “signals”. His answer was to train the puppy. So we got started with one on one training sessions. During this time my loving puppy became a “teenage monster”. He was barking and jumping and nipping, he would drive other dogs crazy bc he would always want to play but had no recall so we couldn’t call him away from play. He is also a bunch of terriers in one dog so there was a lot of stubbornness. We started moving from training to adventure training. It took a few more months but now Otto is a year old and he is such a fun dog to have. We bring him everywhere with us (restaurants/breweries/outdoor malls). It has made such a difference in our lives (and in my senior dogs life). He is still and excited lovable and is still working on his jumping and kissing (he tends to give them to strangers-even when they are not expecting it) but at least it is an endearing correction to tend to. Also, Cindy and Otto are now friends and through training Otto now knows when she is allowing him to come by and when it is time to stop and leave her alone. It is now fun having the two dogs together. I completely recommend John and his training techniques. It really helped us.