Did you Know?


John is an expert at what he does! Provides multiple, excellent solutions which are always force-free.  Very responsive to emails and texts

Chai, Soni, & Alexey…Issaquah Highlands

John has been helping me with my very sweet but very strong large dog who is reactive on walks when he sees other dogs and at the fence when neighbors' dogs bark at him. He plays great with dogs off leash in the yard, but the leash and fence barrier frustrate him. I have seen really positive changes since we started working with John, who has been teaching him a different way to react when my dog sees/hears triggers. My dog adores John and looks forward to his training sessions. I have gone from feeling like I might need to re-home my dog to feeling more confident on our walks and am pleased with the progress they are making. John gives me reports after each session and tips for things I might try to continue training between sessions.

Mowgli & Karen…Medina

John was able to meet and get started very quickly. The first time he met Belle it was clear he knows a lot about training and behavior which is what we were looking for in a walker. In one walk he already has belle learning not to pull and it was nice to have him get out some of her energy with a nice long walk when we can't be there. We have rebooked and look forward to learning from John!

Belle & Laurie…Issaquah

John was amazing not only watching poe, giving her long walks, and taking tons of great pictures, but also with communication and his flexibility of coming over and walking her even though I was gonna be home soon after but he walked her so I wouldn’t have to.

Poe & Myia….Lynwood

John is fantastic!, He provided leash-lessons to a *very* rambunctious 75 pound juvenile German Shepherd! I'd highly recommend John.

Boomer & Michael…Carnation